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Commercial and Industrial  Fire Proof Painting Contractor

Don't let natural wildfires threaten your home or business. 
 Preventive measures can be taken, Use a safe flame retardant application!
Our industry has always provided the most reliable, time tested, and nationally approved chemicals for your home or any construction. Flame Retardant painting
 of your home has saved Lives.

Need fire Retardant Material?
 or A Professional Applicators? 
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  F R P  is a Company of Great Western Painting
 We are a commercial and industrial painting contractor  Contact us, if you are looking for commercial or industrial painting services including: High rise buildings, Apartment Complexes, Condominium complexes, Townhouses, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Casinos, Hospitals, Parking structures, Water Towers, and Schools. Water and Industrial Tanks


  Coating we use at
Great Western Painting

Firefree Exterior

Premium quality, water based, non-toxic fire retardant coating designed to provide fire protection on eaves, soffits and overhangs. See their Video Go

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Including our Commercial   Thermal Painting Division 

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1  - International Fireproof Technology Video - Go

2  -  Contegointer National Fire proof Paint /

C 317-432-0665 Troy Scott 317-580-0665


3  -  National Fire proofing
Richard 949-306-4253

4  -  Fire Free  Video Go
 FF88- 888-990-3388 

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